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Black Friday Deals


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Welcome to our Black Friday sale grower, we have gone all out this year and put together some insane offers on cannabis seeds.

From BOGOs, to 35% off to a specially curated, fully loaded mix pack. We have something for every grower, any skill level, any setup. Check them out below 👇

Buy 3 Get 3

12 packs for $99

SPEND $500 GET 35% OFF


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Our most popular deal, EVER, returns with a vengeance! Buy any 3 pack, feminized or autoflower and get another one free! Keep it simple. 🙂

12 PACK for $99

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Save big on 12 packs and bag yourself a giant bag of seeds for just $99 dollars! That’s a total saving of $30!

SPEND $500 – GET 35% OFF

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Now for the big spenders, get an UNCAPPED discount of 35% when you spend over $500 on seeds. There’s potential for insane savings if you’re looking to build a stockpile of fire genetics this winter! 🤯

Black Friday Mix Pack

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Introducing our special Black Friday Mix Pack full of fan favorites. But, how is this mix pack different from our regular mix packs? Well, you get the top 5 most popular strains for the same prices as 3 different strains from our normal mix pack deals.

The History of Black Friday Marijuana Seed Deals

Black Friday as a concept stems from a monumental fall in gold prices during the mid-1800s in America. Despite this dark past, the day now stands as a time of discounts and savings just before the start of the holiday season. Stores and websites reduce their stock by HUGE percentages allowing for customers to make savings on top of savings. At Premium Cultivars we’re offering an assortment of amazing deals over the Black Friday weekend:

When Is Black Friday at Premium Cultivars?

Black Friday takes place on November 25th. At Premium Cultivars, we want to give our customers as much time as possible to grab some amazing deals. As soon as the clock rolls around to 00:00 and November 25th begins, you can start to take advantage of these awesome savings! From this time, you’ll have just under 5 days to make as many savings as possible!
Our Black Friday 2022 sale starts on November 25th at 00:00 and ends on November 29th at 23:59.

Huge Savings on Premium Cannabis Seeds 

Premium Cultivars has an exclusive range of marijuana seeds that you will not find anywhere else online. We offer an amazing selection of feminized seeds, autoflower seeds, hybrid marijuana seeds, exotic cannabis seeds, Cookies strains and more!
If you wanna spend $500 or more on amazing strains like Obama Runtz, Georgia Pie, Mac 1, Cereal Milk, Oreoz, SS1 or any of the hundreds of the cannabis seed strains for sale online from Premium Cultivars you can save a whopping 35% – that means you can buy $500 worth of marijuana seeds for only $325!
Or, you can take advantage of our other amazing deals. Grab a 12-pack of seeds (any strain) for only $99! That’s a hefty saving. This allows growers to get more seeds for their cash – if you’re looking to start growing your own mariuana then this is the place to start! 12 seeds for $99! And the seeds are our own, in-house genetics so you know you’re getting the best marijuana seeds money can buy but you’re spending less than ever before!
Finally, we’re also offering an awesome buy one get one free (BOGO) deal on all 3-packs of marijuana seeds! This means you can choose any 3-pack of seeds and get another 3-pack of the same strain absolutely free! That’s 6 seeds for $60! Only $10 per seed.

Free Shipping Cannabis Seeds Black Friday

On top of all the savings you’re gonna make over the Black Friday weekend, we’ll throw in one more thing: free shipping!
That’s right, we’ll ship out all your orders packed full of savings and even better savings completely free of charge.
Whatever deal or deals you choose this Black Friday, rest assured that they’ll get shipped to your door fast and, more importantly, for free!

Black Friday Mix Pack

Included in our Black Friday Mix pack are:

There are 2 different sizes of this limited edition mix pack to suit different price points, they are as follows:

Notice, how the prices for the different sizes are the same as our normal mix packs even though you get an extra 6 or 12 seeds because of there being 5 strains instead of the usual 3? What a deal!

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